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anyway, he's not a tame lion

be walking trees. be talking beasts. be divine waters.

100foraslan, a narnia drabble community.
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where writers come together to give up 100 words to the jesus lion.

the jist: a (narnia) drabble community with monthly contests!

  • every month three new prompts will be given. two will follow the drabble format (of 100 words or less) and will automatically be entered into the monthly contest. the third will be a free format (and the prompt will be more precise) but will not be entered in the monthly contest.

  • the first week of each month will hold the contest for last month's drabbles (along with releasing new prompts). example: june's prompts: sleeping, vanilla. july's prompts: stars, swords. the first week of july the stars and swords prompts will be posted but voting for sleeping and vanilla will also be posted. voting is from the first to the sixth of the month. results are posted on the seventh.

  • disclaimer: this community is entirely for entertainment purposes and none of the fiction posted inside of it is factual. we're only here for fun. that said, if you have any objection to slash (or are turned off by high fiction ratings), then please move on to another community. you've been warned. the fiction ratings will range but to keep yourself safe, just back away slowly.

quick rules: 1. please no advertising other communities, thanks! 2. writers are not allowed to vote for their own prompts 3. anonymous votes will not be counted. 4. keep it friendly, and have fun :D

css mods: ( aslan peter )